:::  COMPETITIVE COMPUTING [C2]  :::  branding

This technology solutions powerhouse was in need of a brand overhaul to visually communicate its industry-leading abilities. Collaboration with web designer Corey Machanic ensured consistency for both off - and online efforts.   :::  http://www.competitive.com/ :::  http://www.coreymachanic.com/


:::  SHAYNE LYNN PHOTOGRAPHY  :::  branding

Shayne’s work speaks for itself. It was my job to focus on simplicity, frame the brand and put it on display. :::   http://www.shaynelynn.com/


:::  GREENREP  :::  identity

Small business at its best, this was a short and sweet little project with a nice naming and color system.


:::  PEOPLES TRUST COMPANY  :::  branding

This small-town bank has learned a few things about customer service since 1886. New branding efforts embrace and apply these time-tested values to arange of print brochures, advertising and collateral.


:::  SAKA YOGA  :::  branding

A new yoga-specific line of bags and accessories was in need of naming and branding.


:::  WALNUT RIDGE COLLECTIBLES  :::  brand/identity system

This client chose re-branding to rise above the tchotchkes and show the artisanal quality of their handmade collectibles.