:::  EDGE  :::  economic development growth engine

Wayne County, Michigan, is home to Detroit, and as the automotive industry redefines itself, Detroit is taking it on the chin. But don’t count them out. This sleek custom case and booklet is one of the highest quality pieces I’ve ever worked on, and I’m sure new industry will find its way back to the Motor City.You’ve got to respect a city that suspends a 24ft. cast bronze sculpture of Joe Louis’ fist in the center of town.


:::  UVM CEMS SUMMIT  :::  semiannual magazine

This magazine is a centerpiece for the College’s communitations exploring all of the interesting work being done by students, faculty, staff and alumni. My job is to show the world that they are working together to address complex problems for the betterment of humankind.


:::  CRYPTON SUPER FABRICS  :::  pet catalog

Acting as art director for Gyro Creative, I worked alongside their designers to complete this highend 68page catalog. A series of fullpage ads was placed in Dwell, Martha Stewart Living, and other national magazines.


:::  GM HEALTHCARE  :::  magazine

I worked closely with a team of writers from Hass MS&L to conceptualize the content, art direct, and coordinate production for this 68page magazine/publication. It received national attention and was featured on ABC’s “World News Tonight.”


:::  INTELLASPACE  :::  dealer catalog

Computer trays and accessories shine in this bright and wellorganized dealer catalog.


:::  MESA CONTRACT  :::  dealer catalogs

A clean and modern approach was taken for this line of dynamic office furniture catalogs.


:::  AMBLER MOUNTAINWORKS  :::  product catalog

Ambler is known in the outdoor industry for its innovative product line and attention to detail. I worked closely with Ambler for a number of years creating the brand identity and setting the tone and feel with the product catalog.


:::  THE FLEMING MUSEUM  :::  event calendar

This piece received an honorable mention award at the New England Museum Associations 2005 Competition.


:::  THE MARTIN LUTHER KING, JR. FOUNDATION  :::  fundraising campaign brochure

This promotional mailer was sent to business leaders to encourage corporate donations to help build the MLK memorial in Washington, DC.


:::  THE MARTIN LUTHER KING, JR. FOUNDATION  :::  fundraising campaign folder

This campaign kit was designed for kids interested in helping “build the dream” and raise money for the MLK memorial in Washington, DC.


:::  GE HEALTHCARE  :::  technology conference print collateral

This project required the development of an identity to provide a consistent look and feel across all conference materials.


:::  GE HEALTHCARE  :::  merger announcement

GE announced its acquisition of IDX and used this mailer to focus on opportunity.


:::  GM HEALTHCARE  :::  magazine

I worked closely with writers at Hass MS&L and GM Healthcare to develop a simple yet engaging look and feel for this informative magazine.


:::  IDX  :::  promotional mailer

Less really is more with this diecut promotional mailer encouraging the healthcare industry to embrace a digital workflow.


:::  IDX  :::  trade show announcement and display materials

This diecut announcement created a memorable theme for the tradeshow.


:::  YOGA VERMONT  :::  print collateral

It was my pleasure to help Yoga Vermont become recognized as a worldclass yoga studio. This was work that never felt like work.


:::  THE UNIVERSITY OF VERMONT  :::  college magazine

This publication introduced a new dean and her vision for the College of Education and Social Services.


:::  THE UNIVERSITY OF VERMONT  :::  college magazine

Nurses make quick and insightful decisions while smiling. Nurses also make great clients, I’ve had the pleasure of working closely with The College of Nursing and Health Sciences on numerous publications.


:::  THE UNIVERSITY OF VERMONT  :::  college magazine

The College of Education and Social Services wanted an uncoated and honest approach, this magazine captures the dedication and warmth of both students and faculty.


:::  THE UNIVERSITY OF VERMONT  :::  student booklet

A unique alternative to a traditional brochure, this funky quick-reference guide points students to on-campus activities and programs offered by the Department of Student Life.