My name is Michael Jordan. I am a graphic designer and art director. I live a few miles south of Burlington, Vermont, and I work with large and small clients here, there, and everywhere.

: :  High-level brand/identity/logo designer with experience and vision, check.
: :  Art director with the chops to efficiently manage a team or project from concept to production, check.
: :  Print designer with a healthy balance of love and respect for great typography, check.
: :  Web designer with enough technical know-how to know who to partner with to develop and launch your site, check.
: :  Photoshop wizard with old-school airbrush skills to make the unbelievable believable, check.
: :  Creative writer who can nail concepts and taglines while admitting technical grammar is my Achilles heel, check.
: :  Business owner who understands business and treats every project and budget as if it were my own, check.

I take pride in my solid work ethic; it’s in my DNA… Passed down from Pennsylvania farmers and coal miners.

In addition to graphic design, I am a Lieutenant and Advanced EMT at the Burlington Fire Department. Admittedly it’s a unique work/life balancing act. However, I feel fortunate to have two careers that I love. My wife is an interior designer/photographer/retail display designer, and sometimes we collaborate on projects. We are proud of our two rather tall teenage young men who still think we’re “sorta” cool, so we’ll enjoy that as long as it lasts.

Thanks for coming by. I hope my work speaks for itself, even if this website is a bit dated. Enjoy.