:::  COMPETITIVE COMPUTING [C2]  :::  branding

This technology solutions powerhouse was in need of a brand overhaul to visually communicate its industryleading abilities. Collaboration with web designer Corey Machanic ensured consistency for both off  and online efforts.   :::  http://www.competitive.com/ :::  http://www.coreymachanic.com/

:::  REX’S OUTRAGEOUS  :::  branding

There’s only one word to describe this husband and wife duo who turned their grandmothers favorite snack recipe from a family favorite into a nationally distributed sensation – OUTRAGEOUS! I was lucky enouh to be part of this wild ride and it was one of my all-time career favorites! Proof that we can all do great work and have fun at the same time. :::


:::  GREENREP  :::  identity

Small business at its best, this was a short and sweet little project with a nice naming and color system.

:::  THE SCOOP  :::  branding

A sweet little branding project for our local ice cream shop. Logos, signage, menus, merch, vehicle graphics… Just like their flavors the list goes on and on. If you’re in town and want to try some of the best hand-made ice cream stop in for a scoop. thescoopvt.com

:::  LIEBLING  :::  branding

Exquisite detail was required for branding this new contempoary women’s boutique in the heart of Burlington. Props to the interior designer (my wife Hilary) who did a wonderful job bringing the store to life with exquisite attention to detail.


:::  WALNUT RIDGE COLLECTIBLES  :::  brand/identity system

This client chose re-branding to rise above the tchotchkes and show the artisanal quality of their handmade collectibles.